Sixthsense Women Fragrance – Vanilla Sky


The construction of Vanilla Sky is based on a series of simple, sweet top notes which provide a crisp, clear starting point for this floral fragrance.

The top two notes of the scent are pear and black currant, which are first noted when the scent is sprayed for the first few minutes

The fruity top notes of the scent allow for a sweet start to the fragrance with the pear odor drifting across the start of the fragrance followed by a surge of blackcurrant scent.

Following the emergence of the top notes, the middle payer of this effortlessly sweet and fruity fragrance comes through a few minutes after the first application.

This layer is where the floral nature of the fragrance bursts into life and heads to the fore. In the middle layer of Vanilla Sky is the point when the combination of fruity and floral comes together in its major form with the used of orange blossom as a key ingredient.

The orange blossom slowly gives way to other floral scents including hints of jasmine and iris which push towards the top of the scent in its middle layer.

The sweetness which runs through each layer of this scent continues at the base layer with vanilla adding to the classic sweet style of this timeless scent which has been expertly created to reflect the classic nature of the brand.

At the base layer of this scent, the final odors to emerge are those which add a little Oriental mystery to the fragrance.

The final scents to emerge are tonka bean and patchouli as they maintain their scent throughout the day.

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10 ML, 20 ML + GIFT SET

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