Sixthsense Women Fragrance – Pandora


Pandora isn’t the fragrance of a born goddess; this deity was chosen for greatness. The first spray catapults our heroine from earth into the stratosphere, with a bright and energetic (yet ever so smooth) thread of juicy, just-ripened green mandarin.

After this initial adventure, Pandora settles into her celestial surroundings quickly, melting into a distinctive signature: a very prominent, very delicious salted vanilla accord. This, together with an elemental fusion of ginger lily (fire) and hydroponic jasmine (water), creates a compelling story that is all at once fresh and enveloping, soft and voluptuous.

It’s completely and utterly intriguing, and powerful in an unexpected way.

In Pandora, every facet is challenged with its opposite: creamy vanilla tempered with salt, the fusion of subtle heat and floralcy in ginger lily, and jasmine grown in water to eliminate any trace of earthiness.
It makes the composition feel really quite dynamic despite its oriental character.

There are no close comparisons to Pandora that spring to mind, and we can feel the echoes of a less eccentric womanity in Pandora’s fusion of sweet-salty- woody tones.

Above all else, Pandora is simply a joy to wear. An overwhelming conclusion: Pandora is a huge compliment magnet, and it welcomes any and every scent that inspires further conversation about fragrance!

Its feel-good vanilla tones over everything else your collections, not just because it smells edible – though it most definitely checks that box – but because it makes you feel pretty fantastic when you spritz it on.
And that, dear ladies, is what fragrance is all about.

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10 ML, 20 ML + GIFT SET

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