Sixthsense Women Fragrance – Fifth Avenue


Fifth Avenue is a beautiful simple scent. Roses & peony. One thing one should love about it is that it’s a fragrance that’s suitable for a number of occassions. Great for work, or a night out, it has an innocent yet sexy charm about it.

Fifth Avenue – the first image that comes to our mind is roses & cotton. Yes, cotton. Freshly laundered cotton bedsheets. Maybe Fifth Avenue is not so innocent after all!

It doesn’t go through any development on the skin. What you get at first spray is what sticks with you and you’ll happy with that. It’s not cloying at all.

Fifth Avenue is definitely a crowd pleaser. People love it, and it’s one perfume that even if people overspray it’s still nice.

Sillage is decent, quite good for a mainstream scent. Longevity is amazing for this scent, and one thing for sure you’ll never go wrong with Fifth Avenue.

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10 ML, 20 ML + GIFT SET

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