Sixthsense Men Fragrance – Smoking Cosmos


Smoking Cosmos initial moments are dominated by a white-out of bergamot and pepper. The effect comes as a bright flash of sweet, dewy citrus that is both crisp and clean, and is supported by an underpinning of freshly-laundered linen sheets flapping nosily in the breeze. The pepper amplifies the volume, lifting the fragrance into the air and diffusing the notes, twirling them actively to ensure that they feel vivid and enveloping. In the opening especially, one gets the impression that Smoking Cosmos is a fragrance designed to resonate with many modern men, whether they be wild or not.

The core of the fragrance is filled with brush-like shrubbery and rough herbaceous notes. Lavender displayed through a greyscale filter dominates the heart, presenting without sweetness the rocky, mineral-like notes of the flower. The result is an arid lavender – a barren grey flower that has had its purple essence squeezed out long ago, leaving behind a stone like shadow that hints at the harsh nature of the wilderness.

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10 ML, 20 ML + GIFT SET

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