Sixthsense Men Fragrance – Iris Garden


Iris Garden makes its mark right from the start with a trio of fresh notes, bergamot, ginger and apple. The apple note, in particular, is a standout and gives it a juicy and slightly sweet bite.
A herbal facet follows in the form of a pronounced sage note, which gives it an aromatic tinge of pepper. Juniper berries and geranium add to the freshness. Iris Garden’s base is woody in character with a big dose of amberwood, the note which has been popular in perfumery in recent years due to its lasting performance and ambergris vibe. Vanilla-ish tonka bean is also prominent in the drydown.

The vetiver that’s mentioned in the inspiration is typical of many commercial

fragrances: a hint that you might notice when you’re told it’s there.

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10 ML, 20 ML + GIFT SET

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